Indulge in unique treatments of Orli with four exclusively designed Signature Treatments.


Detox, Energise, Scrub 'n Glow

Combine the warm and invigorating oils from our Lime, Grapefruit and Lemongrass essential oils Energising Therapy Massage Candle with Himalayan crystal salt which has a purifying and harmonising effect on inner balance and vitality. This innovative and invigorating warm oil body scrub deeply cleanses, polishes, refines and softens skin unlike any other exfoliation treatment. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine shows that scrubbing is an extremely effective way to purify the body and stimulate the body's energy flow.

Orli Stress Away

Combine an Indian Head and body massage using our Massage Candles to soothe and relax body and mind. This is helpful to relieve the muscle pains and aches, swelling on the feet, headache, sleep disturbance, constipation and other discomfort of jetlag. Combined with the benefits of an Orli hot oil hair conditioning treatment, this truly is a top to toe indulgently de-stressing treat.

Orli Harmonise

A totally relaxing ritual for body and face. Begin this special treatment with an Orli-Glow Full Body Scrub to a smoother, silkier skin followed by various rhythmic massage strokes. Include a relaxing mini-facial treatment.

Orli Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Therapy Treatment

Introducing our latest beauty ritual, the Orli Rose Quartz GuaSha Facial Therapy Treatment. A luxury treatment which focuses on traditional Gua Sha massage techniques of the face, neck and scalp, using our Rose and Neroli essential oil Facial Treatment Candle combined with a wonderful massage routine using a Rose Quartz Massage Tool. Finish off this wonderful treatment with our aromatic Rose Quartz Crystal Infused Face Mask for wonderfully glowing and rejuvenated skin.