Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Sculpting Tool

By Orli

£19.99 Excl. VAT


Made of 100% natural rose quartz, genuine premium massage stone packaged in a pink velvet bag.  This versatile massage scraping tool has a smooth polished surface, suitable for face, neck and scalp massage.

Facial Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique used to sculpt features, stimulate lymphatic drainage, relieve tension in the muscles and boost blood circulation. Our rose quartz tool helps to cool skin, boost circulation and reduce puffiness. It helps break up fascia, the connective tissue that hugs muscles that can sometimes interfere with optimal circulation, restoring health, vitality and glow. Use it with our Rose and Neroli Facial Treatment Candle or, with your usual skincare products.

– the massage tool provides optimum absorption without absorbing moisturizers or oils

– Suitable for sensitive, dry, oily, combination and normal skin types

The beautiful Gua Sha Stone is not only for crystal healing but also for relaxing massage….

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