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Facial Gua Sha

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Maybe you haven’t heard of it, or maybe you’re already pondering its smooth, crystal surface, but learning how to use a Gua Sha Sculpting Tool will unlock the next salvation in skincare! We reveal all of its secrets below.



Made up of two Chinese words, the term Gua Sha pronounced ‘Gwah’ (meaning scrape) and ‘Shah’ (meaning sand) is a therapeutic, self-massage technique that works with the bodies’ lymphatic and circulatory systems, acupressure points and meridian lines of the body. Traditionally a round-edged tool made of materials such as horn, jade or metal is used to scrape across the skin to release areas of tension, activating a wonderfully complex scientific process.

It can take a while to get your head around the idea of scraping along the skin to improve your health, but Gua Sha has a long history and is widely used in East Asia.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi (chi) is energy that flows through the body. The Ancient Chinese believed that a person’s qi must flow and be balanced in order for overall health and wellbeing to remain. Ancient Gua Sha practitioners believed that inactive/ blocked qi was the root cause of inflammation and therefore lead to chronic pain. By rubbing or scraping the skins surface to obtain ‘Sha’, it was believed to aid and assist in qi flowing again, thereby reducing inflammation and promote healing.


Facial Gua Sha is a bit like facial yoga, allowing you to work deeper into the muscles and fascia rather than by using fingers alone. When tension is held in one part of the body it constricts oxygen and blood flow that will in turn, holistically affect you. When the affected areas are massaged, you are repairing damaged fascia and muscles as well as encouraging fascia and muscles in the surrounding area to relax and loosen, therefore relieving tension and tightness.

Using a Gua Sha Tool provides an alternative massage therapy that drains, depuffs, and sculpts your face—giving you the ethereal glow and overall well-being of a goddess! As you apply pressure to your skin, you can expect the following health boosts.

Drain lymphatic fluids – Gua Sha has an incredible effect on the body’s microcirculation, the system that transports nutrients and oxygen to the blood and removes toxins, just below the skin. As lymphatic fluid is unable to flow by itself and only moves when we move, Gua Sha helps to gently encourage its movement thereby reducing congestion and morning puffiness.

Improve blood circulation – Without blood properly shuttling nutrients throughout your body, you may experience symptoms such as muscle knots, soreness, or pain. Using a Gua Sha stone can stimulate blood flow to relax stiff muscles and tissue, brighten dark circles, and bestow upon users a glowing complexion.

Fight wrinkles and fine lines – Fine lines and wrinkles appear when the skin starts to lose its natural elasticity. A Gua Sha massage can relax tight muscles and tissues, invigorating the skin and making fine lines disappear.

Sculpt and Contour – Over time, the repetitive action of Gua Sha helps to define your jawline, brow, and cheekbones. Consistent use can lead to a sculpted and contoured look, making your skin glow and appear brighter. It can lift, smooth and plump.

Reduces Tension and aids relaxation – By activating the acupressure points along the 12 meridian lines in your face, it also allows you to consciously work the areas of tension in your face and neck, thereby reducing pain, improving circulation, and ultimately increasing physical and mental relaxation. It soothes tired eyes and skin as well as releasing tension in the facial muscles.

Promotes Elastin and Collagen – Studies have shown that the effects of Facial Gua Sha increases microcirculation by 400%, flooding the skin with fresh nutrients and increasing the levels of both elastin and collagen over time.


The Orli Gua Sha Sculpting Tool is made from pure Rose Quartz aiming to promote crystal healing as well as a relaxing massage.  Often considered to be the stone of compassion and love, rose quartz is said to flush negativity from the body and be particularly adept at smoothing wrinkles.  It’s a fabulous addition to your self-care, self-love facial routine.orli rose quartz gua sha toolBASIC GUA SHA TECHNIQUE

Knowing generally how to Gua Sha is half the battle. Whether you want to use Gua Sha to depuff your eyes, sculpt your jawline, or take muscle knots out of your neck, the basic technique is the same. Follow this procedure for a successful, rejuvenating experience.

Hold the tool firmly and in the correct orientation. Generally, the gentile sloping curve is used for flat areas like the cheek or neck and the tighter cleft or divot is used to follow bones like the jaw or under the eye. Keep a solid grasp on the tool and angle it at 30-45 degrees from the skin in the direction you scrape.

Scrape in one direction. Always scrape in one direction, following the lymphatic flow, such as from the bottom of the neck up to the base of the jaw. Never scraping back and forth, which could risk injury.

Apply the right amount of pressure. Keep a consistent, gentle pressure that isn’t too soft but doesn’t make you uncomfortable either. Use long, sweeping strokes, switching to acute pressing motions over areas of increased tension.


  • Cleanse the skin thoroughly
  • Follow this with a spritz of Rose Water (optional) or hydration mist
  • Drizzle a few drops of warm oil from the Orli Facial Treatment Candle into the palm of your hand (or anRose & Neroli Facial Treatment Candle alternative facial oil). Rub hands together and press to apply it all over your face and neck area.  Alternatively, use any oil or cream.




Orli Gua Sha Routine

Holding the Gua Sha at a slant, use the edge of the Gua Sha as shown on our Gua Sha chart and repeat each stroke 5-10 times:

  • Start at the centre of your forehead and work your way upwards on both sides of forehead.
  • Work your way outwards over the tops of both eyebrows.
  • Sculpt outwards around your eye area
  • Sculpt upwards on both cheeks across the cheekbone and lower jowl area
  • From the chin, guide the tool from the lower jaw-bone up towards to the ear lobe on both sides
  • Gently glide the Gua Sha up the throat and along the soft area towards your face


  • Pro Tip:For an extra soothing and cooling effect, leave your Gua Sha Tool in the fridge to cool before using. Finish off your Gua Sha routine with our wonderful soothing Rose Quartz Crystal Infused Face Mask!



When you’re done, you’ll be left with relaxed and invigorated skin—and a Gua Sha stone in need of cleaning. If you don’t clean your tool after every use, you could introduce bacteria back into your skin leading to oiliness, and other problems.

To clean your stone, simply wash it in warm water and soap and pat it completely dry with a soft cloth.  Handle your Gua Sha Tool with extreme care during this process, as the semi-precious stone is prone to cracking and can be fragile.

Store in the velvet bag in a cool, dry place or, keep in the refrigerator for an incredibly soothing cooling effect next time you use it.


If you wish to learn advanced Gua Sha Facial Massage techniques, we are very excited to introduce our latest beauty ritual, the Orli Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Ritual Training for professionals.

We have combined three amazing Orli products into a wonderful and beautiful crystal facial ritual.  Sign up for our IPHM accredited training today and receive a training kit consisting of:-

To learn more or, to sign up, click here.


May you find balance in your qi!








Cafe Noir Massage Candle by Orli

Attention Coffee Lovers!

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International Coffee Day

Did you know it’s International Coffee Day today? Every coffee lover knows that this rich aromatic brew gives you an unbeatable buzz, whether it’s a steaming americano on a cold winter morning or an iced frothy frappuccino on a hot sunny day. From the moment the average coffee lover opens a fresh bag of coffee beans, the aroma beckons, percolating the senses. Even those who don’t drink coffee tend to enjoy the fragrance that the roasted beans cast.

Coffee in Skin Care

There is just no denying that in winter, our poor skin suffers. Dry, a little rough and just a tad under-loved – it’s not a great season for our skin.  That’s why it’s so important to treat yourself and your skin with some beautifully pampering treatments. Even better – the ones you can do (and make) at home.

We love a good coffee body scrub, and we’d love to share our recipe with you for creating this DIY version at home.  Coupled with the warm oils of our Cafe Noir Massage Candle, these two skin care treatments are simply divine. So, show your skin some love and try out our mini coffee treatments below.

Relax in the aroma

Light up an Orli Cafe Noir Massage Candle and allow the comforting rich fragrance composed of dark roasted coffee beans, sweetened slightly by a touch of Vanilla and a dusting of smooth Cocoa to lightly scent the room. Rejuvenate the senses by drizzling a little into your hands and massage in whilst breathing in the rich coffee aroma.  Relax with a steaming hot cup of freshly brewed coffee whilst the massage candle gently melts into a pool of warm oil.

DIY Coffee Facial & Body Scrub

Try this homemade Facial & Body Scrub

orli coffee scrub

Orli Coffee Scrub

You Will Need
  • 1 cup used coffee grounds (cooled)
  • 1 cup sugar (white or brown)
  • 1/2 cup melted coconut oil
  • a small drizzle of oil from our Cafe Noir Massage Candle
What You Have To Do
  • Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and use over your face and body as an exfoliator.
  • Rinse off and dry your skin
  • Finish off by gently massaging the warm oils from our Cafe Noir Massage Candle into your skin

Store the remaining scrub in a sealed jar and use twice a week for smooth amazing winter skin.


Cocoa Bean Massage Candle by Orli

Its Chocotherapy Time!

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Did someone say Chocolate?

We don’t need an excuse to celebrate chocolate, but today is World Chocolate Day and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating this sweetest day of the year!

Today we have an excuse to indulge in our favorite chocolate, be it actual chocolates, cake, milk, brownies or even chocolate body products. The world loves chocolate for there’s nothing the sweet aroma of chocolate can’t do. It can lift your senses, make you smile, soothe a heartache and can sometimes even turn a sad day into a good one!

Why Chocolate?

Most of us crave chocolate because it’s so good! Not only does it taste good, it smells amazing and is wonderful when it melts in your mouth! All of these ‘feelings’ arise because our brain releases chemicals in response to each chocolaty experience. Chocolate triggers the brain to release endorphins that cause your pulse to speed up and give you a pleasant high feeling, rather like being in love. Theobromine and Phenylethylamine in cocoa are also thought to affect levels of serotonin which are known to boost your mood and ease depression.

Not only that, did you know that Chocolate is also an amazing ingredient in skin care? The cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in cocoa-rich chocolate make you feel – and look – good. Yes, that’s right, consuming dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) has multiple beauty benefits. It can boost your skin’s moisture, protect from sun damage and even diminish wrinkles and, best of all, it’s calorie free!

Give yourself some Chocotherapy time!

Give your senses an awesome calorie free treat today and add some chocolate pamper time into your day.  Kick off your shoes and prepare to relax to the wonderful properties and aroma of chocolate!

Kickstart your senses

Light up an Orli Cocoa Bean Massage Candle and allow the rich chocolaty aroma, enriched with soft fluffy vanilla with hints of caramel and honey, fill the room. Drizzle a little into your hands and massage in whilst breathing in the rich velvety aroma.  Relax into the feel good vibes.

Did you know that a chocolate face mask can give you flawless skin?

Try this homemade chocolate peeling face mask

Orli Chocotherapy

Orli Chocotherapy

You Will Need
  • ⅓ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • ¼ cup honey
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • a small drizzle of oil from our Cocoa Bean Massage Candle
What You Have To Do
  • Mix all the ingredients thoroughly to form a thick paste.
  • Apply it all over your face and neck.
  • Let it dry.
  • Gently peel it off. You can also massage with water to rinse it off.
Why This Works

Cocoa and sugar will remove all of the dead skin cells, unclogging your pores and leaving your skin fresh and renewed.  The potent power of honey kills bacteria, soothes inflammation and moisturises your skin.

Or try our Chocolate Orange Body Scrub

You Will Need
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil (solid)
  • 1/3 cup sweet almond oil
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • a few drops of sweet orange essential oil
  • small drizzle of the warm oil from our Cocoa Bean Massage Candle
What You Have To Do
  • Add all ingredients together in a large bowl and mix until combined and the coconut oil has broken down completely (use the back of a spoon to help with this).
  • To use the scrub, simply rub it over your skin and wash off!
Orli Candle Massage

A Candle Never Felt So Good!

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Candle lovers the world over, love how scented candles create ambiance in a room, calm the mind, help improve our mood, boost our energy and support restful sleep and self-care. What’s not to love!  In fact, scented candles have been used for centuries in different rituals to promote healing, cleanse energies and enhance meditation.

Here at Orli, we’ve taken our love of candles a step further by developing a range of award-winning Massage Candles for skin that are both luxurious and beneficial at the same time!  Made from botanical oils and butters infused with fabulous mood evoking scents, they melt into a warm and sumptuous massage oil giving them the ability to tick a number of different boxes.  They are extremely versatile bringing sexy, comfort and luxury together, all in the one wonderful product.  So, if you crave a sensual experience with your partner or, whether you are looking for a new way to relax and improve your wellbeing, we are sure you will love our massage candles as much as we do!


The benefits and properties of the botanical oils and butters specially selected for our Massage Candles are maximised, as the application of heat helps the oils penetrate deeper into the skin.  Heat can help soothe many ailments such as arthritic pain and inflammation as well as helping the body to unwind and relax.  Imagine the feeling of warmth spreading across your skin when the oils are applied, it’s bliss.  None of that oily residue you normally experience after a massage as our oils are designed to act as an after balm and will also soften and soothe skin, maintaining moisture balance.

Our Massage Candles create a beautiful, relaxing and sensory atmosphere to soothe Mind, Body and Soul making them a truly wonderful Spa and/or Self Care Treatment.  They are also the perfect addition for a romantic night in or for a cheeky getaway.

If all that wasn’t enough, our massage candles can be used as a massage oil, body balm, body lotion, hot oil hair treatment, facial oil or, even as a bath oil so, seven fabulous products in one!


Light Me

Lighting the candle should be seen as a ritual! Making a full sensorial experience with it allows you to fully enjoy the product. Watching a candle flame flicker is incredibly calming and meditative so, it’s a good opportunity to focus on your breathing and slow everything down.

Melt Me

Let a melt pool form to the edge of the container, just enough for a treatment.  Extinguish the flame and allow to cool slightly. Ensure the oil is not too hot before use and can be comfortably applied to skin.

Pour Me

Our containers are specially designed to allow for ease of pouring the melted oils. Simply tilt the container and lightly drizzle the melted oils from the small pouring spout over the back of your hand, onto the body, and massage in.  Let the warm oils relax and soothe while the evocative aroma of the candle immerses you into absolute bliss.

We have designed our massage candle oil to spread gently like warm silk on the body so use very sparingly as a little goes a long way.

Orli Candle Massage


Did you know that we also offer accredited training for professionals?  Orli Massage Candles are here to provide you with additional training to become a true beauty /massage professional working with luxury warm oil products. Whether you dream of building your talent, opening up your own salon or progressing your career, working with our massage candles brings a whole new dimension to your treatment menu.  Want to find out more then head over to our Training page.


Due to the low melt point of their ingredients, they are designed to melt just above body temperature.  Only melt enough for a treatment, extinguish the flame before use and allow the oil to cool slightly.  Do not burn for longer than stated to ensure the oil isn’t too hot.  Always check to ensure the oil can comfortably be applied to skin before using.  To ensure your massage candle remains in excellent condition, always trim the wick before each use.  Never leave a candle unattended and do not place on any flammable surfaces.  Keep away from children, pets and other flammable items.




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